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MKD was established in 2014 in the Arab Republic of Egypt and had another branch in the sisterly Arab countries of Kuwait as a company specialized in the field of logistics services for international transport. Since then, the continuous development in providing the market with distinctive and innovative solutions and services has given us the ability to meet the needs of our customers and increase our contributions to the Arab market and international. Between the years 2017 and 2018, as a result of the fierce competition in the Arab and international markets, it was necessary for us to change our strategies, starting with the reason for our presence and our orientations, in the first place to satisfy our ambition and then to increase our size in the market. In 2019, we decided, after a comprehensive and integrated study of the Egyptian market, which we discovered that it needs a new form and content in the thought of the modern era and the developed and modern electronic means, which led to the creation of modern electronic ways to change the transport system and the structuring of connectivity in everything related to international transport services in Egypt and Outside Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and in the year 2020, with the events of the global corona, and in the most difficult economic conditions and the difficulty of international transfers, we had all the smooth and easy ways to implement those logistical services without any obstacles, using the (Appliquish Mobile Loads system), that modern thought developed, which is an indicator Good for developing the system of dealing in those horns inside and outside Egypt in the GCC countries. We now have 10 years of experience for members of the board of directors. This facilitated our task in creating unique solutions and distinguished and advanced services. The integration of transactions and relationships with high expertise was the cornerstone of our new birth

the mission: Our deep belief can be able to access our services (logistical services with the latest technology) in form and content at the highest level of international transport logistics business is our primary goal that we can add value not only the complete satisfaction of the work of searching for ourselves. 
 Vision: Continuity of service in the market with new systems with unique solutions.